Code Avengers

Cracking the code on how to engage government with confidence.

Wāhi | Location
Kirikiriroa (Hamilton)
Pae Tukutuku | Website
Awhina | Support
Government Relations and Communications

Kaupapa | Initiative

Code Avengers is a Māori owned, world-leading online education company based in Kirikiriroa | Hamilton, with a mission to build confidence in a digital world. Since its establishment in 2012, Code Avengers has supported over 2 million learners and 15,000 schools worldwide.

Inspired by their desire to bridge the digital divide, Code Avengers builds lasting capability amongst career-changers, educators and young people alike through interactive, gamified courses that teach a broad range of digital skills.

Wero | The challenge

“We have always believed in what we do but didn’t know how to tell our story well. So we reached out to Awhi for help with creating a pathway for us to engage with Government and have our story heard.”

Te āhua mahi | Our approach

In order to crack the code on engaging the public sector, Code Avengers commissioned Awhi to develop a Spectrum Sweep that would help them identify with whom and how they should engage.An innovative product first brought to market by Awhi, the Spectrum Sweep is a customised political engagement strategy designed to help organisations get a clear line of sight on what to prioritise, as well as provide some context around messaging and competitive landscape.

“Awhi really listened – they understood what we were trying to achieve, and were able to provide us with a competitive analysis of how best to reach our goals.”

Within four weeks Code Avengers had their very own customised plan to help them understand their audience and how to reach them.

“With help from Awhi, we have been able to build our own understanding of the government landscape in-house and broaden our horizons on how far we can go in the public sector space as a tech company.”

Putting their customised Spectrum Sweep into action – Code Avengers hired in-house staff to carry out the execution of the engagement strategy created by Awhi.

“The Spectrum Sweep was really well received by our new member, who said it gave them an exact idea of where to go and allowed them to hit the ground running”

Ngā hua | The outcome

“Our long-term goal is to have more of our products and services in kura across the motu, and we are seeing that happen in real-time as a result of building our internal capability by partnering with Awhi.”

There are so many inspiring businesses doing incredible things, but they aren't always able to connect with the government, which limits their ability to make an impact - through its industry-leading government relations assistance, Awhi is helping people with great products and services finally get a seat at the table.


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